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Helpful resources, strategies and tips for running a successful Ecommerce website or online store.

Computer programmers working on a desktop computer writing code.

Can custom software really save you money?

You’ve probably heard about Netflix’s recent price hikes, but they’re not the only ones. Many companies use a subscription model these days, and those subscriptions can quickly add up!

Merchant checking online orders

Digital Innovation Grants Available to Canadian Small and Medium Businesses

Are you thinking of ways to build your business in 2024? The Government of Canada wants to help develop and enhance your use of digital technology and is giving grants to do so. Dunham can make it happen.

Two Friends Hugging During A Dinner Celebration

Is your advertising plan ready for the holidays? 

Looking for some inspiration for your holiday sales campaign? We offer some helpful ideas that can bring joy to your customers.

User browsing eCommerce website

Shopify Alternatives – The top Ecommerce platforms

It is no doubt that Shopify has dominated both the news and the eCommerce world, especially during the pandemic. Since its inception in 2006, Shopify […]

Designer planning website design

Giving your website users the ultimate experience

Whatever the nature of your website, traffic and conversion rates will definitely be at the top of your list of concerns. The interesting thing is […]

Coronavirus Triage

Medical ESI to the rescue!

Over the past two months COVID-19 reshaped how the society functions in our world today. We are proud to announce that one of our clients, Medical ESI, has just launched a website designed to supply much needed medical products during these trying times.

Mobile eCommerce Website Circle

Ecommerce sales see double digit growth

Online sales are on their way up and no one is going to stop it. Most importantly in the growth of online stores is the percentage of these sales coming from mobile devices.

AED4Life website design

New website: AED4Life

We’ve just launched AED4Life, a new ecommerce website for AED sales, training and service.

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