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Coronavirus Triage

Medical ESI to the rescue!

Over the past two months the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world and has reshaped the way that the world functions in our society […]

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Logo

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 resources

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has launched a website to help business owners, employers, employees, and citizens stay informed about the COVID-19 pandemic. In partnership with […]

Spring Cleaning Image

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning

The arrival of spring brings many things along with the flocks of birds and the warm temperatures, one of which is spring cleaning. When you […]

health care worker with client

Thanks to the COVID-19 soldiers on the front lines

As Canada struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, every business, large or small has implemented some means or measures to combat this disease. Some of our […]

Silhouette of a direction sign during sunset

COVID-19: What should businesses be doing?

Adjusting to a ‘new normal’ gives us a fresh perspective on our businesses. Here are some thoughts about taking advantage of our collective experience of COVID-19, as our businesses are experiencing it.

House with a Kohler Generator

Are you ready for the summer?

With the winter months slowly melting away and the summer right around the corner, the importance of having back-up power in your house is growing […]

Locke St

Our locke street community

For almost any Hamiltonian, Locke St. represents a historic neighbourhood that over the years has become one of the most popular destinations for Hamiltonians and […]

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