Banner Basics: Best Practices for Accessible Text with Images

Banner Sample

Banners are a common part of websites. They come in many shapes and sizes and perform many functions. Some are static, others are dynamic. Some are still, others rotate. Some motivate while others have a ‘hard sell’ approach. They all communicate, and most of them use words to make the message clear. Are there better (and worse!) ways to include words in a banner? We think so. We’d like to point out the differences  between having regular text appear overtop of a background image, and including that text in the image itself.

Website Hosting Checklist

Website Hosting Checklist

You come into work one day and find that your website is down. Do you know what to do, or who to call?

For most organizations today, your website is a critical piece of communication and needs to always be accessible; when this isn’t the case you need to be able to act quickly to notify those who can help restore the site to normal. Here are some suggestions so you can be ready.

The Future of Web

Future of web

Changes in internet usage - especially by mobile phone users - and technology are enabling an evolution in what we use the Internet for. This is leading to a change in what we expect websites and web-based tools to be able to do. These expectations are a wake-up call... for us all.

These Days, It's Automatic

Wordpress automation

As the saying goes; ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. As WordPress is the single largest website platform out there, it’s also the single largest target for website hackers. The good news is that the WordPress community is taking this threat seriously. Now it's time for website owners to do the same.

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