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Why you should change your login URL

Having a website can be scary at times; hackers and criminals always knocking at your door trying to get your information. If you have a WordPress website, that “door” is /wp-admin/ or /wp-login/ and it’s easy to find.

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Can custom software really save you money?

You’ve probably heard about Netflix’s recent price hikes, but they’re not the only ones. Many companies use a subscription model these days, and those subscriptions can quickly add up!

National AccessAbility Week 2024

National AccessAbility Week 2024

National AccessAbility Week is an annual event to celebrate the contributions made by Canadians with disabilities and the work of those who remove barriers to accessibility. This year aims to highlight the importance of everyone contributing to a barrier-free Canada and the strength of diversity. If you would like to take part or learn more here are a few things you can do to participate.

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Is Facebook restricting your account?

Are you having issues with Facebook or Instagram restricting your business account? These platforms strictly follow a list of rules in order to keep you and your followers safe. We’ll quickly go over how to see if you’ve broken any rules and some easy ways to get your account unrestricted.

Downtown Dundas, Ontario

Plan a day trip to Dundas, Ontario

Where can you climb a mountain, hike to a waterfall (or three!), go shopping, eat a great meal, fly a kite, enjoy a craft beer, and see a Lego exhibit all in one place? The charming town of Dundas has all this and more.

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Do I need a new website? 7 reasons to redesign your website

Are you starting a new business or worried that your old website won’t ‘fit the bill’? Do you have a website, but are embarrassed to tell people about it? Are you getting a lower rate of return on your digital marketing than you did in previous years? Here are some of the top reasons why a website needs to be redesigned.

Google Analytics

Act soon if you want to keep old Google Analytics data

Google will start deleting and removing access to all Universal Analytics content on July 1, 2024. Act now to save your data.

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Digital Innovation Grants Available to Canadian Small and Medium Businesses

Are you thinking of ways to build your business in 2024? The Government of Canada wants to help develop and enhance your use of digital technology and is giving grants to do so. Dunham can make it happen.

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The gift that gives back

Looking for online sales or taking a trip to the mall at this time of year can bring some satisfaction, but to really find the joy of the season, think of giving to those who can’t give back. Here are some local charities who make it easy to help.

PDF accessibility

What is an accessible PDF and how can you create one?

You probably know that all new websites need to meet accessibility guidelines. Did you know, however, that linked files such as PDFs also need to be accessible? If you want to learn how to make accessible PDFs, here is an introduction, some valuable links, and a few pointers that you can incorporate into your document making today!

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