Banner Basics: Best Practices for Accessible Text with Images

Banner Sample

Banners are a common part of websites. They come in many shapes and sizes and perform many functions. Some are static, others are dynamic. Some are still, others rotate. Some motivate while others have a ‘hard sell’ approach. They all communicate, and most of them use words to make the message clear. Are there better (and worse!) ways to include words in a banner? We think so. We’d like to point out the differences  between having regular text appear overtop of a background image, and including that text in the image itself.

Google is changing its mobile search algorithm today

Responsive website design

Starting today, Google will start to rank mobile-friendly websites higher than those that aren't.

If you've used the internet on your phone (and more and more of us regularly do!) you know how frustrating it can be to land on websites where the navigation or videos don't work, or where you can't read anything because the text is too small. Google is aware of this and will now recommend mobile-friendly websites above those who are not mobile-friendly when you search on a mobile phone.

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