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Log4j – What you should know, and what you can do

Log4j is a utility program which is everywhere-present seeking out security information for all kinds of consumer and enterprise services which include websites, ecommerce, banking, applications and all kinds of tech products.

Spring Cleaning Image

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning

The arrival of spring brings many things along with the flocks of birds and the warm temperatures, one of which is spring cleaning. When you […]

Turning icons in gears

How Can Integrations Help Your Business?

In a business we use many different software programs why not make them talk to each other?

Digital Security

What is an SSL Certificate and why is it Important?

The goalposts for web security and design are always on the move. What was standard procedure in 2015 is now considered archaic.

faceless hacker

“24 hours and everyone who knows u will blame you”

I am posting the contents of an email I received recently for your entertainment. In fact, a number of people have called us with various […]

Website Hosting Checklist

Website Hosting Checklist

For most organizations websites are a critical piece of communication and need to be accessible at all time. What should you do if your website is offline?


Botnets – Why You Should Know (and Fear) Them

Botnets. We’ve all been affected by them. These days, they’re as certain as death and taxes. Unlike taxes and death however, most botnets are avoidable. Here’s a primer and some helpful information about how to steer clear of them.

Child opening present on Christmas

The Greatest Gift of All: Email Advice

Be more vigilent with your email. Viruses and malware come to your inbox in cleaver and seemingly legitimate ways. They take advantage of likely scenarios and it’s too easy to let your guard down and click on that link or open that attachment.

Jeremy McMaster and John Janisse

Meet Jeremy McMaster, head of IT Services

Jeremy manages everything that has to do with computer hardware, servers, cybersecurity and more!

Digital Security

The latest denial of service attack

The internet was attacked by cyber criminals on October 21, taking Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, CNN and several other popular websites offline for hours.

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