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Log4j – What you should know, and what you can do

Log4j is a utility program which is everywhere-present seeking out security information for all kinds of consumer and enterprise services which include websites, ecommerce, banking, applications and all kinds of tech products.

International Women's Day

Celebrating the women in our lives on International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, we want to acknowledge that women have led us in so many respects.

Dunham Staff Holiday Dinner

The gift of vision

Ahh, the end of 2020. Many of us are trying to have as meaningful a holiday celebration as possible (according to whatever faith or national […]

Silhouette of a direction sign during sunset

COVID-19: What should businesses be doing?

Adjusting to a ‘new normal’ gives us a fresh perspective on our businesses. Here are some thoughts about taking advantage of our collective experience of COVID-19, as our businesses are experiencing it.

faceless hacker

“24 hours and everyone who knows u will blame you”

I am posting the contents of an email I received recently for your entertainment. In fact, a number of people have called us with various […]

Jeremy McMaster and John Janisse

Meet Jeremy McMaster, head of IT Services

Jeremy manages everything that has to do with computer hardware, servers, cybersecurity and more!

Digital Security

The latest denial of service attack

The internet was attacked by cyber criminals on October 21, taking Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, CNN and several other popular websites offline for hours.


Remembering the Future

We get so busy in our respective worlds that having special days like Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, and Labour Day are important ways of giving us perspective.

Wanted: The Internet

Keeping your Network (and business) secure

When Dunham started working with the Internet in 1994, who would have thought that the issues of security would ever be so complex. Today we are concerned about the security of each and everyone of our clients – for good reason.

New Running Shoes

Our New Shoes

So much of what is innovative is not in the design. It’s in the code and in the security. Much of it needs to be deployed on immense sites with a huge amount of traffic. However, there are many features that will benefit small to medium business and we are very happy to discuss these with you.

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