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“24 hours and everyone who knows u will blame you”

faceless hacker

I am posting the contents of an email I received recently for your entertainment. In fact, a number of people have called us with various levels of fear and trepidation because they received either the same or similar emails. When we get content like this, it’s really important to apply some common sense. For example, that about which I was accused in this email could not be possible as it simply never happened! It’s a scam of the worst type. It instils fear and demands payment. You could figure it out for yourself most likely, but do not hesitate to call our offices and we’ll let you know for certain if it an attempt to scam you out of money. Remember I’m posting this for your entertainment and suggesting that you not worry about things like this. Delete the email promptly and go on with all the things you have to do in life.

I have terrifying news for you. I obtained a video recording of you getting yourself off..
The police won’t help you!!!

I’m a foreign resident, in the view of this it is difficult to detect me!

Anyway I will manage to take away ur reputation. I downloaded contacts of your friends and relatives from yr email and social networks.

It is pointless to explain you how I did it, but I will advise you to update your antivirus and avoid visiting sites with porn!

You are given 24 hours after opening this letter (I will receive a notification) to buy my silence. You have to transfer 27 litecoin during twenty four hours and be 100% sure I will remove all the dirt on u!

If u pay no heed to this notification, I will send all the damaging information to yr friends and family and post it in social networks. It’s doubtful that anyone would like to deal with u. U can beg, but it won’t work out. You have 24 hours! don’t reply, it’s used to send letters, I won’t check it.

I am sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker!

Smile – the world has always been full of petty criminals like this who want to steal your hard-earned dollars!

Lol I get these all the time

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