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Web Design

We specialize in creating engaging Website Designs using the content management or ecommerce solution that's just right for you. All of our websites are mobile-friendly and will respond to the needs of your users. We have been developing websites for local Hamilton businesses and national organizations for over 25 years.

  • Give users a positive experience with your brand
  • Lead users to your desired goals
  • Create a user-friendly experience on all devices
  • Streamline the leads/sales process
  • Integrate your website with your other processes (banking, inventory, CRM, etc.)
  • Ensure accessibility for all users
Web Design

Designing Positive Experiences

Website design is the process of giving users the positive visual experience they need to get to what they want. We make sure to balance every page with all the necessary elements of a proper conversion funnel to ensure that there is clear and concise information driving your customer’s decision followed by an intuitive call-to-action your customers simply can’t resist engaging with.

User Experience Design
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What Makes a Great Website Design?

After we work with you to set goals and develop a strategy, the visual and interactive design elements can be blended to perform consistently across all devices. In the end, we achieve intuitive, compelling, conversion-focused website design.

Many corporate brand guidelines include what their brand is visually but leave out how people identify with them interactively. We follow brand guidelines and apply simple, sophisticated interaction.

Ecommerce Websites

Every ecommerce platforms has pros and cons. We know because we’ve used them all. As ecommerce website experts, we’ll determine which solution is best for you and create an engaging sales experience.

Learn more about Ecommerce Websites

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Modular Web Design

Our modular thinking during the design process ensures we can update, adapt, and expand your website with ease. As technology grows and improves we make sure that your website is updated with the latest trends and stays search-engine-friendly as the algorithms change, all while saving money through our internally automated web development management system.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The use of smartphones and tablets has greatly increased. Our responsive website designs allow content to look great on all screen sizes so there’s no pinching, no squinting, and no swearing. Mobile-friendly websites are easier to use, rank higher in search engine results, and generate more business.

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Good User Experience Through UX Design

UX Design is persistent through all stages of the project process; whether the project is a full websites creation, an application, or just a new feature to an existing application. Whether your site is directed to local or international viewership, every aspect of our team impacts the User’s Experience:

  • Project Managers and Marketing experts during planning the architecture
  • Designers pushing clients brands
  • Writers creating clear instructions and consistent labeling
  • Developers with the latest technology
  • IT Professionals keeping it up-to-date and running fast

Fully Accessible Websites

The internet is for everyone. Our websites are properly designed and coded so people with disabilities can use them. We follow Canada’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to remove accessibility barriers that make websites difficult or impossible for some people to use.

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Interactive Web Design

Website Content Management

We build upon content management systems like WordPress with the use of automation that keeps your website up-to-date and secure while giving you complete control so you can easily update content, post events, sell products and so much more!

Website Integrations

Most web projects have many different integrations with different applications. It can range from simple integration with social media websites to more complex ecommerce integrations.

With the multitude of APIs and plugins available, we pride ourselves on integrating the systems that work for you.

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