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Digital Marketing

Learn how to advertise your products or services using impactful Digital Marketing strategies to reach new customers online.

Marketing your business

Your web developer needs to be considered a member of your team, rather than some adjunct supplier.

Working your website

Frequent changes to the site are paramount. The search engines need to know you are alive and that you are working the site. Change the text, add news, have a blog on the site, put new photos up, add new stock, give new information as it comes out.

Website ROI

Today businesses and not-for-profit organizations alike are looking for ways to measure their website’s return on investment. Good web designers appreciate this and have numerous tools at their disposal. Measuring the effectiveness of your website is a good thing, whether the language you use is ‘good business’ or ‘good stewardship of resources’.

What has your website done for you lately?

How is your website today? Many people can’t answer that question because they haven’t visited their website today. Some haven’t been there for a week; others longer. It’s not that they don’t care about their business, but they just don’t expect much from their website. Sure, it has to be there, but beyond that, the language around the website’s purpose gets really fuzzy. Is that you?

Are you getting the most out of your website?

Many companies launch a new website expecting people will show and start purchasing goods and services. The reality is that getting a quality website online is only the beginning.

The technology lifecycle… When will the next landslide begin?

Market trends, emerging products, and business requirements often dictate the technology lifecycle. What is the next big product that will push businesses to re-invest in technology?

Thinking about brand?

This is the right time in our economy to ramp up for growth. However, we need to remember that times have seriously changed.

What can we learn from the CBC?

This past June the CBC didn’t renew the rights to the much loved ‘Hockey Night In Canada’ theme music, and most people at the time […]

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