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Preparing for a bad… or good economy

It would seem that the best wisdom is that no matter what our economy, we should be prepared with an ongoing marketing strategy, materials and web presence that will carry us through anything good or bad!

Who knows what the next few years will hold in stock for us in Canada. Depends on whether you listen to the Minister of Finance, the head of the Bank of Canada or any of a large number of economists who have been speaking to the issue.

If it’s a good economy that we’re facing — so much the better. If it’s a bad economy, then we need to be reminded that there are always businesses that make money in a bad economy. It is a whole new ball game these days. It won’t be survival of the “lucky” anymore; it will be survival of those who are “prepared”.

If the economy takes a turn, then we know that people will want our marketing expertise and our programming expertise to create strategy and programs that will reach out to consumers or other businesses, and our technical skills to create and implement excellent promotional material as well as web presence. But in some ways it’s too late at that point. It would seem that the best wisdom is that no matter what our economy — we should be prepared with an ongoing marketing strategy, materials, web presence, that will carry us through anything good or bad!

We’re simply never really going to predict the future, but what we can do is always be the best in our field and prepared to be even better in our business endeavours in the future.

This is where The Dunham Group comes in. We’ve got some excellent services that will put you in the number one spot in your industry, business, or professional practice.

IT Support

This area is so very important. Let’s face it we can’t work without computers and the more we learn to use them, the more we need them to proceed further in our business venture. We have what we believe is the best IT services around. We’ll help you strategically plan out your present and future. We can help you with hardware, software, networking, internet connectivity — or anything else that’s needed to make certain that your business needs are served and that you are free to do what you need to do.

Web Design

We’re simply the best. We’ve been doing this since the Internet began. We have a strong expertise in Search Engine Management. We understand all the principles of accessibility — both from a human and technical perspective. We have a superb design staff and incredible programmers. The answer to your every need is simply “yes”. We can do it for you. Our approach is relational, which means that we will know you and your business inside out by the time your site is working for you. We warranty everything we do and we’ll work to your budget and time-line.

Graphic Design and Marketing

In order to round out your marketing experience we can offer any assistance you need with Graphic Design for print. We offer the use of our printing partner who we believe is the best printer around and who offers very attractive pricing. You deal with them directly and we don’t mark it up! Our understanding of branding and marketing is beyond the traditional notions. We believe that the brand is not a static result but rather a living entity. We can fill you in on that when you call us.

So, being prepared for the future is what this article is about. It’s easy to do when you’ve got the staff of the Dunham Group playing on your team. Your success is very much our success and we want to be sure that we all come out as winners. If we have a good economy ahead, then it will be even better than you could imagine and if the economy is poor, then with our services, you will be first in line to offer your product and/or services to government, business, retail, and consumers. In either scenario — we’re your best bet!

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