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What’s in a name anyway?

When deciding to put your business online the first and often most critical decision you will have to make is your domain name (sometimes called a URL). The wrong name can frustrate or confuse a user which at the end of the day may cost you a client.

Security made simple

A big deal is made of computer and network security however there are a few things that you can do to avoid being the next victim of the latest virus, spyware or hacker.

A Server? We are too small for a server!

There are many misconceptions in the world of business and technology however few things are more feared then moving to a server/client environment. Servers are not something to be feared; in fact they are something that should be embraced by almost any sized company.

What has your website done for you lately?

How is your website today? Many people can’t answer that question because they haven’t visited their website today. Some haven’t been there for a week; others longer. It’s not that they don’t care about their business, but they just don’t expect much from their website. Sure, it has to be there, but beyond that, the language around the website’s purpose gets really fuzzy. Is that you?

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