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Security made simple

A big deal is made of computer and network security however there are a few things that you can do to avoid being the next victim of the latest virus, spyware or hacker.

Use strong passwords

Yes, we have all taken the lazy way out and chosen our dog, cat, or spouses name as our password. Guess what, you just became a hacker’s best friend! In reality creating a complex password is the easiest way to ensure your information stays safe. An alpha-numeric password over five characters in length which uses both lower case and upper case letters is a start. Add in a few special characters (!@#$) and you are on your way to securing your data!

Install security software

No matter your preference for vendor (ESET, McAfee, Norton) install and keep your security software up to date. Every one of us will encounter spyware, adware, and viruses and this software acts as your first line of defense.

If it seems ‘phishy’ it probably is

If you receive a file, email, Facebook posting, or anything else which just doesn’t seem right, it’s likely a virus. Picking up the phone to confirm with the person sending the item is a simple way to protect your computer.

If you follow these three guidelines you may avoid disaster.

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