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A Server? We are too small for a server!

There are many misconceptions in the world of business and technology however few things are more feared then moving to a server/client environment. Servers are not something to be feared; in fact they are something that should be embraced by almost any sized company.

So what are the most common misconceptions out there?

  • Servers are too expensive to purchase
  • Servers require someone to manage them from within the firm
  • Servers are too complex and we simply won’t be able to use them

In reality all of these statements are no longer true. Although servers can be extremely expensive for large corporations smaller businesses can still take advantage of similar technology at a much lower cost. For many small business owners it is very easy to justify a small capital outlay when you measure the pros and cons of purchasing a new server system. The improvements in productivity and streamlined communications far offset the costs.

A small network with a server and a few workstations does not require internal expertise. For a small monthly cost you can outsource the maintenance, backup, and administration of your server to an outside expert. This will ensure that you payroll doesn’t increase and that you keep your expenses in check.

Most servers seamlessly integrate with your current operating system. Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business/Ultimate, and Windows 7 were all designed with the client/server architecture in mind. In fact by not using some of the great functions a server brings to the table certain features in Windows are simply not utilized.

At the end of the day every business has to justify an investment in technology. Let us show you how a server can benefit your company today and moving forward.

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