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What’s in a name anyway?

When deciding to put your business online the first and often most critical decision you will have to make is your domain name (sometimes called a URL). The wrong name can frustrate or confuse a user which at the end of the day may cost you a client.

Here are a few quick tips which may make the selection process a little easier:

Make it easy to say!

If you can say it easily it will translate well to the web. Avoid extremely long and difficult to spell names. If possible never use a hyphen as on many keyboards the hyphen can be difficult to locate thus frustrating the user

Make it easy to understand!

Your domain should reflect your brand or what you do. Most companies choose their company name as their domain which is perfectly fine however if you decide to go in a different direction just ensure that your domain is related to the product or service that you are selling.

Make it easy to remember!

If you want someone to repeatedly visit your site it better be easy to remember. If a potential client has to pull out your business card every time they want to visit your website you probably have chosen the wrong domain name.

Choosing the right domain from the start can save you time, money, and sales. Changing your domain name can require re-printing and re-designing your website, business cards, letterhead and other forms of advertisements which can be extremely costly.

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