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Websites need to reflect your business personality!

These days we are all about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine management. And, we should be! Search engines will lead many seekers to your website and if they are happy with your product or service — they will contact you in whatever manner you encourage. That leads us to an important point. Search engines lead people to your site… but what do they find when they get there? Once they get there, does their visit resolve into a business contact or deal?

If you think about your business and its success over the years you will have to admit that you are the best salesperson there is for your business. That’s how you’ve made it successful. So much depends on the personality, the integrity and the knowledge of the one who is presenting the product or service.

Your website is a virtual person. It stands there to dynamically present your product. But so does every other site, or at least every other good site. So what is it that makes the difference? How can your site make the sale for you? We used to say that it was about the first impression. The site had to leave everyone with the impression that the product or service was professional and reliable and that what you were saying on the site was truthful. But one still has to ask — how does that happen?

The key to it is in the planning of the site. It is crucial for the web design firm to fully understand the company, its direction, its owners, and its philosophy. The designers must then do their best to portray all of that in the site itself.

An example of this can best be seen in two sites that we recently developed: and Before you go to these sites, let me explain a bit.

Angela and Cameron are a husband and wife team who are realtors in the Hamilton Ontario area. Although they are very cohesive in their approach to real estate and both exhibit vast amounts of integrity, honesty and sales skills, the do have different approaches. So, we tried to image that on their sites. If you go to these sites, you’ll see how very different the imagery is. Angela’s site is more whimsical and Cameron’s site is more prestigious. Angela is whimsical and a little more “folksy” in her approach to people and real estate. Immensely successful at what she does, there are those that might be attracted more to Cameron’s personality. They work together, but their approaches are a bit different. They both succeed, but they meet different people’s needs. This is what we tried to image on their sites. Different personalities reflected in their web presence. Which one would be your realtor?

If the website reflects your personality and your approach to your product or service then it will be at least as successful as you are!

So… SEO and SEM are incredibly important. Your website personality is also important. Next time we’ll talk about what other things are important in making your web presence resolve into the business that you are looking for.

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