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The technology lifecycle… When will the next landslide begin?

Market trends, emerging products, and business requirements often dictate the technology lifecycle. What is the next big product that will push businesses to re-invest in technology?

Often market trends, emerging products, and business requirements dictate the technology lifecycle for a firm. Although vendors try to push for continual re-investment, often firms will push back if finances are not readily available or the new technology doesn’t provide enough perceived ROI. This has been seen with many firms sticking with Windows XP rather than upgrading to Windows Vista as well as the slow migration to Windows 2008/Exchange 2007 from Windows 2003/Exchange 2003.

So the question is, what is the next big product on the horizon which will push firms into re-investing in technology? Microsoft is betting it is Windows 7. The new image Windows Vista is relabeled as Windows 7 and promises to be all things Vista wasn’t. A strong, secure, and reliable desktop platform that will make all of your computer hardware sing and dance like it is supposed to.

So what is your business supposed to do you ask? Well if you have upgraded to Vista you will not likely go through all of the migration hassle of upgrading to Windows 7 when it comes out. Nor will you be keen on paying for the upgrade given your recent investment in Vista. So there is no need to adjust your upcoming budget as an upgrade to Windows 7 will simply not make sense for your organization.

For organizations who held off on upgrading to Windows Vista it is time to start planning a migration strategy for Windows 7. The release of Windows 7 will undoubtedly spell the end of Windows XP support including upgrades and security patches. Microsoft is not going to indefinitely support software which is two releases behind. Running an operating system which is no longer supported and patched by the manufacturer is never a good idea and can only lead to serious security vulnerabilities.

So for those of you out there still running on XP get ready for the landslide of change. New hardware and software will be coming your way in the new future one way or another. The best way for tackle change is to be prepared and plan for the change itself. Let us help you plan for the change and ensure that you network stays functional, secure, and reliable today and in the future.

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