Are you getting the most out of your website?

Many companies have a webpage developed, place it online and expect people will just show up to start purchasing goods and services. The reality is that getting a quality design is only the beginning. The website is only one part of an overall strategy and should be closely linked to your in-store/company systems, print catalogs, and other sales channels to ensure success. Promotion, search engine ranking and cross-linking all play an important role in delivering traffic to your website.

Accessibility 3.0

We’re experiencing a backlash to the ‘wall of information’ that most websites have presented us for the last few years. It’s like we’ve all got headaches from the ‘visual noise’ and are now looking for space, clarity, and room to think. The main challenge in web design today is to make it easy for all visitors to easily get the information they need, without a lot of distracting stuff. Let’s call it Accessibility 3.0.

The technology lifecycle… When will the next landslide begin?

The technology lifecycle… When will the next landslide being? Often market trends, emerging products, and business requirements dictate the technology lifecycle for a firm.

Thinking about brand?

This is the right time in our economy to ramp up for growth. However, we need to remember that times have seriously changed.

What can we learn from the CBC?

This past June the CBC didn’t renew the rights to the much loved ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ theme music, and most people at the time thought they’d made a huge mistake. Well, it doesn’t look like a mistake now…

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