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What can Justin Bieber and Rob Ford teach us about SEO?

How to harness the power of Justin Bieber and Rob Ford.

It seems that Canada is getting a lot of press these days. Not the weather, though I’m sure there are many south of our border who would want to blame all the cold and snow on “the great white north”. I’m talking about our two most famous celebrities, Juistin Bieber and Rob Ford.

They are everywhere in media – and not just in Hamilton and Winnipeg, but also in Orlando and London and Moscow. And if people are reading about Justin and Rob then they are likely SEARCHING for them as well.

Wouldn’t it be smart then, if the Ministry of Tourism website had articles about them on their websites? People searching for Justin and Rob would find the tourism website, and perhaps as they learned about the latest scandal they could also learn about the Winter Carnival in Quebec, Skiing in Whistler, Hamilton’s own Winterfest or Websites by the Dunham Group.

Now I’m not suggesting that we all start putting Justin and Rob on the home pages of our websites – unless of course it’s cleverly done ;). But it does underscore the importance of including content in our websites that people are actually looking for. Even if only to increase the traffic to our websites a little, it’s a good thing – eh!

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