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What’s old is new again

Remember the good ol' days of the monthly newsletter? Well, those days are back - in a new and better way!

Remember the days of the newsletter? If was a staple of graphic design houses and the bane of the office manager’s existence, whose job it was to get articles — by hook or by crook — from unwitting employees, lay them out with the requisite goofy picture, waste way too much paper trying to get things just right, only to have those very same newsletters be tossed in the ‘circular filing bin’ faster than you can say “snail mail”.

Well, those days are back, but in a new and better way. Today’s newsletters can be delivered by email, which greatly reduces the cost of creating them, and eliminating altogether the costs of printing and postage. Better than that, if your e-newsletter links to your website, you can increase the amount of traffic to your website, which raises your search engine rankings.

And best of all, if your website has a blog integrated into it, then you can use your blog posts as newsletter items, including the first part of the post in your email then inviting readers to “click here for the full article”. It saves money, saves time and increases traffic to your website; a veritable trifecta of marketing!

If you’d like more information about e-newsletters and website blogs, call us at 905-312-8444 (this old number is new again, too!) or fill out our contact form and let us call you.

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