Get more customers with a perfect landing page

When a user clicks on your online advertisement or search result and visits your website, how do you ensure that they turn into your customer?

Join us for Google Partners Connect

Google Partners Connect Live Webcast

As a Certified Google Partner, The Dunham Group will be hosting another exclusive Google Partners event on May 21st at 2pm and we’re inviting all current and potential clients to join us.

Old Fashioned Networking

Networking in a Digital Culture

What can Justin Bieber and Rob Ford teach us about SEO?

How to harness the power of Justin Bieber and Rob Ford.

Marketing to Millennials

Marketing Light Bulbs

As we were working through the discovery process with a client the other day, they stated that they wanted to reach out to younger people (young families or couples ‘starting out’) as potential clients. As it happens, we have a number of Millennials on our staff, so I asked them to describe how they made their buying decisions. Here’s what they said…

Google AdWords for non-profits

Google Grants is the non-profit edition of Google AdWords. Google Grants allows non-profit organizations to promote their missions and initiatives with free AdWords advertising.

TDG to host exclusive Google Engage Connect event

Google Partners Connect Live Webcast

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, The Dunham Group Inc is inviting current and potential clients to join us on March 5, 2013 for an invitation-only live broadcast from the Googleplex in California.

What’s Google done with my search results!?

The internet keeps changing, and Google is one of those driving the change. Here are two recent changes you should be aware of.

News about our clients!

Read some good news stories about a few of our clients. There are more to come!

Should you invest in Google AdWords?

I used to think that Google AdWords, or any advertising on the Internet, was a waste of money – a fast way to fill Google’s pockets while emptying your own. Now I know otherwise.

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