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Helping children and their families achieve their potential

Hamilton & District Society for Disabled Children

For this week’s spotlight we would like to focus on a client who has has funded many programs in the community and has focused their entire business around helping some of the most vulnerable in our society – disabled children. The Hamilton District Society for Disabled children was created many years ago to assist in […]

Have a stress free summer with the Spa At Ancaster

The summer is almost here and it is sure to be one that goes down in the history books. As the world tries to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all asking questions about what the future will look like and what businesses will be opening or closing down in the near future. We […]

Bridging the gap between community and research

Revved Up Exercise Program

For this week’s client spotlight we would like to focus on the Revved Up Research Group, an innovative research program focused on translating research knowledge about physical activity into practical guidelines and interventions that foster full and meaningful participation. We recently had the pleasure of redesigning and rebuilding a website for them which we just […]

The hope of music

Organ Festival Logo

With the world of festivals and culture being shaken up by the storm that the coronavirus epidemic has brought upon it, we wanted to extend our support to one of our clients who has been affected by this in parallel with the rest of the entertainment industry. The Royal Canadian College of Organists has been […]

Justice for those in need

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic

On Monday we are launching a new site, and we are simply too excited to delay until next week to talk about this client, who has not only dedicated themselves to helping others in need as a core essence of their business have gone above and beyond to provide additional assistance in this time of […]

Transforming communities through Artfull Aging

A graphic from Artfull Aging

As our society is reshaped both physically and mentally though this devastating pandemic, it has challenged many of our perspectives. Our minds have refocused in a way that has been long forgotten in the live-fast, shop-easy world we were used to before. As we struggle with these barriers and the frustration they entail, we draw a closer parallel […]

The light (house) at the end of tunnel

Lighthouse Theatre

For this week’s client spotlight we decided to transition away from the medical industry and explore one of our clients that is in a total different industry, which also being decimated by the coronavirus pandemic – Lighthouse Festival Theatre , a professional summer theatre in beautiful lakeside Port Dover. Lighthouse Festival Theatre is dedicated to […]

Helping you look as old as you feel

Advanced Rejuvenation

Are you like many people who’s reflection in the mirror isn’t quite as youthful as the way they feel? Our featured client this week has a passion for restoring your natural appearance, so the mirror shows on the outside matches how you feel on the inside. Restoring your natural beauty is an important part of […]

Adapting to the trying times

Alzheimers Society

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, society has to find new and innovative ways to adapt to these times of rapid change. The Alzheimer’s Society in particular, which has been used to delivering their services in person and in group settings, has had to drastically change their approach and switch by providing support and service via […]

The voice of home care in Ontario

Home Care Ontario Logo

As the battle against COVID-19 continues we decided to spotlight yet another home care related group, which we are proud to say also happens to be the association of which several of our home care clients are members. Home Care Ontario is a membership association representing providers of home care services throughout Ontario. This Association […]

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