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A graphic from Artfull Aging

Transforming communities through Artfull Aging

As our society is reshaped both physically and mentally though this devastating pandemic, it has challenged many of our perspectives. Our minds have refocused in a way that […]

Lighthouse Theatre

The light (house) at the end of tunnel

For this week’s client spotlight we decided to transition away from the medical industry and explore one of our clients that is in a total […]

Woman looking and feeling youthful on the beach

Helping you look as old as you feel

Are you like many people who’s reflection in the mirror isn’t quite as youthful as the way they feel? Our featured client this week has […]

Alzheimers Society

Adapting to the trying times

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, society has to find new and innovative ways to adapt to these times of rapid change. The Alzheimer’s Society in […]

Home Care Ontario Logo

The voice of home care in Ontario

As the battle against COVID-19 continues we decided to spotlight yet another home care related group, which we are proud to say also happens to […]

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