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Adapting to the trying times

Alzheimers Society

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, society has to find new and innovative ways to adapt to these times of rapid change. The Alzheimer’s Society in particular, which has been used to delivering their services in person and in group settings, has had to drastically change their approach and switch by providing support and service via telephone.

Alzheimer Society

The Alzheimer Society is dedicated to providing support for pre and post Alzehiemer’s patients and families provides education material and skills to help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and to keep the brain active. They also offer a range of counseling services to help families deal with the stress and depression that accompanies when your loved ones fall ill to this devastating disease.

The Alzheimer Society leverages its own and community resources to deliver health promotion, advocacy and support services to people with dementia, those at greatest risk of developing dementia and their care partners. The Society believes that care should be tailored to the unique needs, interests, habits and desires of carers and persons living with dementia, regardless of the stage of the disease.

Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton

The Hamilton Halton chapter of the Alzheimer Society was incorporated in 1982. The chapter was largely volunteer and family driven. Alzheimer Society of Brant then became an affiliated chapter in 1983. Alzheimer Society of Haldimand Norfolk was later established in 1993.

Learn more about them on their website.

Dementia Alliance

The Alzheimer Societies of Brant, Haldimand Norfolk and Hamilton Halton created a new corporation, Dementia Alliance, in April 2010. Dementia Alliance united all services and administration under one entity to create operational efficiencies and share best practises.

On April 1st, 2016 The Alzheimer Society of Brant, The Alzheimer Society of Haldimand Norfolk, The Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton (collectively the “Original Societies”) and the Alzheimer Society of Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton (formerly, “Dementia Alliance”) amalgamated.

As this organization becomes one of the most highly affected parts of our society due to the nature of its patients and its demographic, we want to extend our care and support towards them and hope that they continue changing the world for the better and help people with dementia live well as vital and integral members of their community.

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