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Digital Security

What is an SSL Certificate and why is it Important?

The goalposts for web security and design are always on the move. What was standard procedure in 2015 is now considered archaic.

Digital Security

The latest denial of service attack

The internet was attacked by cyber criminals on October 21, taking Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, CNN and several other popular websites offline for hours.

Panic Button

A frightening computer story

You may already know that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada and the United States. It’s also Halloween. What do these two things have in common?

Myth 1: There isn't anything worth stealing on my computer

Myth 1: There isn’t anything worth stealing on my computer

Most people have heard about hackers getting access to sensitive data. It’s a dangerous myth however to believe that your own personal computer isn’t worth the trouble for a hacker or cyber-criminal.

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