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Drawing the boundaries

The internet has introduced a whole new level of communication into our society and our lives but it brings with it a significant danger.

Who’s in control?

Active Access Management (A2M) and Paired-Key authorization is our leading security infrastructure for our clients. By providing a rock-solid security system with an intuitive and easy to use management system, we help our clients bring their work to the web (even if they may be working from home).

New year, new web site

I love the beginning of a new year. It’s a special, almost magical, time of new beginnings. As the old year comes to an end I always take some time to think about life and what I want it to look like at this time a year in the future. I don’t consider it ‘making resolutions’, I think of it rather as setting a course, or fixing a vision for my life one year from now, and then beginning to ‘be the change I want to see’.

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