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Tasting Fine Wines

A harvest wine tasting in support of the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice

The Dunham Group and Vinexx Wine Importers are sponsoring a fundraising event for the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice. The event will include a wine tasing, excellent food, a raffle and live music.

Hamilton Store Fixtures Website Design

New website: Hamilton Store Fixtures

The new Hamilton Store Fixtures website design ties in with their online store, Chef Block, where restaurant and home chefs can order items that range from kitchen knives to stovetop ranges.

Hamilton Fringe Festival

Come to the Hamilton Fringe Festival!

As proud Hamiltonians, we like to keep up on events that celebrate the many wonderful communities that we have in our city. The Hamilton Fringe Festival is a good chance to get out and enjoy the talents of fellow Hamiltonians while supporting the local arts community.

Social Media Icons

Social icons in web design

As more businesses are joining social network sites, social icons are appearing more often on web pages for businesses as a way to show that they are connected.

Run a successful Google AdWords campaign

Google uses several factors to calculate where your ads display. Here’s what advertisers should know in order to run a successful campaign with Google AdWords.

Flat Website Design

Flat Website Design

One of the biggest trends in web design is flat user interface design. This is a design technique which uses simple elements and colours and limited use of shadows and gradients to create a minimalist look.

New website: Legal Health Check-Up

Using responsive design and the Symfony framework, we’ve developed a robust online version of the Legal Health Check-Up, which will be made available to people throughout South Western Ontario in the next three years and will serve as a great new source of information for future planning.

Ottawa Wedding Chapel Website Design

New website: Ottawa Wedding Chapel

The Ottawa Wedding Chapel, run by All Seasons, has grown from offering simple wedding services to receptions, baptism and event rental.

Kelly Wolf Website Design

New website: Kelly Wolf

Kelly Wolf is a Canadian set and costume designer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. She knew she needed a presence on the internet to showcase her work and came to us for help.

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