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How many websites are there?

Website Wireframe Layout

It’s estimated that the web contains some 4.75 billion indexed pages as of this date. As you can imagine a very small percentage of those websites actually work or produce anything. At TDG we have been working for years, looking for the solution or formula that make a website actually produce what it’s owner wants.

IT: The backbone of successful business

IT Charts and Graphs

IT is the backbone of everything we do. However, the real failure in IT today is the lack of convenient integration. This is a huge source of frustration for many IT dependent folks.

TDG expands into Home/Office Automation

Honeywell Home Automation

Our IT department has recently expanded into the whole area of home/office automation and security. It’s a pretty exciting field which changes much of the way in which our homes and offices work. What we can provide can virtually make the home or office operate on its own, which has great every-day benefits with additional benefits when you are away from your home or office for vacation or business.

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