TDG building new ways of development

The Web has become one of the most complex created realities in the entire existance of humanity.  As a consumer, there are myriad of choices.  The first choice of course is the developer with whom you wish to work.  Once you have arrived at that decision, the choices only get more complex.  What kind of technology is the best for your website and for your budget is a basic choice that must be addressed.  Of course your developer should help you to make that informed decision.

Cyber Security - Is it possible?


The IT department at The Dunham Group can pretty much secure anything that you have in your offices, including servers, desktops, mobile devices, laptops, security systems and more. However, there are some things that even our IT department cannot do. The real issue today is the sensitive information about you personally and about your organization, which is stored on-line and in the cloud, by other organizations over which you have no control.

News for August 2013

First of all, we want to extend our sympathy to Jeremy McMaster. Jeremy's mother passed away on July 29th after a very brief illness. Jeremy will be back in the office next Tuesday.

The holiday weekend is here almost. Our offices will be closed from Friday at noon until Tuesday August 6th at 9 am. I hardly want to mention it, but we will also be closed for Labour Day Weekend – basically the same schedule.

Boston Bombings

The Boston bombings have done nothing but bring saddness into the hearts of virtually every North American.

No one is sure about the who, why, where, or what yet, but what we know is that no matter what the reason, it was just plain wrong. Young athletes and runners have lost their limbs (and in some cases their lives), a society is distraught, and many people live in fear because of the acts of one or more disturbed people. We know that there are acts of injustice in the world, and that maybe some of them are a result of the actions of a very selfish North American or Western Society. We also know that Western Society is not the only society guilty of transgressions against justice and equality. However, that does not provide a reason for the destruction of the lives of innocent people.

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