Mobile-Friendly Website Design

The World is Mobile

Over the past years, the use of smartphones and tablets has greatly increased. Traditional web design did not take into account these substantially smaller screens from which people are gathering vast amounts of information. Corporations, organizations, and web developers simply can’t afford to ignore this important development in the web world.

Know Your Audience

In wealthy countries the mobile world is fuelled by increasingly competitively priced mobile data plans. In developing nations there is an increase in mobile browsing as people have skipped over buying PCs and have gone right to less expensive mobile devices. In Canada young people are more likely to surf the web and connect with friends on their smartphone than on a computer, and adults are twice as likely to be looking for a local search on a phone than on their desktop. We can help you incorporate such information into your website strategy.

Responsive Design

Responsive design reorganizes the content of a website to clearly display on all screen sizes, so there’s no pinching, no squinting, and no swearing. Sites that use responsive design rank higher in search engine results, and generate more business.

Mobile First

Our custom design process begins with mobile. Key conversion points and user flow are identified and isolated on mobile screens, so mobile visitors can quickly find the information they need and take action. With the clutter gone, visitors get to the heart of the matter, so you get more sales, more members, or more satisfied users.

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