WordPress and Drupal Websites


  • Take advantage of open source CMS like Drupal and WordPress to add functionality to your site at a fraction of the cost of a custom website.
  • Manage the content and users on your site with no monthly fees
  • Manage your website and your blog in one place
  • Ensure scalability

Content management systems (CMS) are great, but they’re not all the same, and what works well for others may not be right for you. And with all the benefits of open source CMS there are also some risks. You need to be aware and make informed decisions.


WordPress is by far the most popular CMS around, and has the largest developer community. It started out as principally a blogging tool, and small websites really benefited from the ease of use and extended functionality that developers added. Today’s WordPress is capable of larger websites with advanced functionality. It is not, however that easy to customize, so the advantage of lower cost comes at a price. As the most popular CMS it is also the biggest target for hackers, and developers need to be vigilant about which plugins to use, as some are not well-built.

We have years of experience with WordPress. We know which plugins work well, and which ones to avoid. We know how to optimize a WordPress site so it performs it’s best and ranks well with search engines.


Drupal is a great CMS for larger sites because it has a flexible development environment. This flexibility means that it can take more time to develop a website using Drupal. The benefit is that the site can be easier to manage once it’s built. The Drupal developer community is smaller than the WordPress community, and it’s also better organized and managed. Drupal’s user/access management is more central to the core of the system than in WordPress, and a Drupal site is less of a target for hackers. So if you have a number of contributors, are looking for ease of use, or if security is an issue, Drupal is a good choice.


Many of our clients are interested in a custom CMS solution that is more robust, promises much faster downloads and handle large amounts of traffic. Our programmers are capable of creating a custom CMS that will meet any need in the marketplace. If your site is critical and demanding then this option should be considered.

Let us Help

At The Dunham Group, we’ve never been satisfied with the ‘one size fits all’ mentality; we work with each client to determine their needs then apply our skill and creativity to satisfy them. We have the experience and take the time to recommend and build the system that’s perfect for you.

We have years of experience with content management. We build custom systems that our clients love because they are fast and easy to use. We also build with WordPress and Drupal and can explain the pros and cons of both to you as you choose the right system for your project.

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