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Thinking about brand?

This is the right time in our economy to ramp up for growth. However, we need to remember that times have seriously changed.

Many of us have worried about the economy and about what we will do as things begin to turn around. Our business is located in Hamilton Ontario. We’ve been hard hit by the closing of steel mills and industries that are related to steel. The real truth is that in every down-turn there are winners and losers. It would seem that being a winner is not the luck-of-the-draw. It incorporates among other things a will to survive and thrive with the application of a good skill-set and the decision to treat clients, customers, suppliers and employees with diginity and truthfulness.

There are certain things that survive (historically) in every down-turn. As a recent Allstate commercial says — it’s all about the basics. That’s true. At times like this — we turn to each other for support and we realize that it is in our relationships with each other, our clients, our employees and our suppliers that we will survive.

So let’s get back to basics when we think about branding ourselves into the future. We’ve been through the era which suggested that a ‘faux’ or ‘candy-coated’ approach to our products or services would bring us to immediate wealth. A lot of public relations firms would have you believe that they will create the ‘ultimate’ logo, news release, campaign or web presence that will get everyone flocking to what you have to offer.

Well, it doesn’t work that way.

Going back to basics says that we start from a perspective of hard work and integrity (Sound like I’m running for President of the USA or Prime Minister of Canada?). The quick dollar is the luck-of-the-draw. It’s like winning the Lotto 649. What works however, is something that our solictor, Ron Kovacs told me years ago when he said: “Chris, sit at your desk and work hard – that’s how your business will grow”. He was saying that hard work does it — and I’m adding integrity and honesty.

Once the values of your company are in place, then our staff at the Dunham Group has something to market for you. We’ll market the truth and that’s what will drive the business.

At the Dunham Group, our staff will understand your business fully before we even begin to reflect your brand visually. Remember, it’s not about ‘pretty’ logos — it’s about relationship and it’s about reflecting that relationship visually and audibly — using whatever medium is available to us. It’s about creating that “truth” clearly and portraying with the latest technology and the finest art.

This is the best of times. It’s the time to put your business in order, to refresh it, to rethink it and then to present your service/product to consumers, buyers, suppliers or whoever it is that you serve.

Call us… we’ll talk more. We’re happy to talk more. It will be one call you won’t regret.

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