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Protecting your email address

Spam is a growing problem. There are spam solutions, and we have them at The Dunham Group Inc, but there are also ways that you can protect yourself.

Your website

One of the ways that spammers collect email addresses is from your website. At the Dunham Group (TDG) we will not put your email address on a site. If you want to know how exposed your email address is, type it into Google — you’ll have your answer.

What to do

First thing is to get rid of any generic accounts that you may have. These would include ‘info@’, ‘webmaster@’, ‘president@’, ‘sales@’, etc. These will attract most spammers and you’ll find spam, viruses and phishing scams will all come to them.

Secondly, be careful what information you give out in any on-line form. If you’re giving your address out to many on-line forms you might consider a “throw-away” address. Keep your main address safe and secure and use the throw-away for places that you are not certain about. You can change that address whenever necessary.

The most important thing is to discuss all of this with your IT support or web services provider. At The Dunham Group Inc we will go over all the details carefully with you to ensure the greatest possible security. Finally, to protect yourself and your mail-server from all the spam that you cannot control, ask us about the TDG MailScanner. This is a piece of hardware that will protect you from viruses, phishing scams and spam before they even hit your server. That way your server is not bogged down with hundreds (or thousands) of emails that it doesn’t need to handle.

Contact our IT services department by calling Jeremy McMaster at 905-628-6010 (ext 106).

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