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A wedding company (All Seasons Weddings) offering a terrific national service gets all of their bookings online through fabulous websites and very functional database.

A number of years ago we discovered a group in Ottawa that had an amazing business plan and offered an incredible service mostly at the time in Ontario. The company was called All Season’s Weddings.

All Seasons provides wedding officiants to most of the major cities of Canada and to all of their surrounding areas. All Seasons (and many other subsidiary web sites) allow couples to not only choose an officiant who can help them at a location of their choice, but also to choose from among a number of officiants available in their area. All Seasons provides the couple and officiants with any number of resources to help them plan their weddings and links them to other wedding services other than the choice of officiant. This is all done painless and easily online.

Although Casey is still involved daily in the operations of All Seasons, today Kathleen Everett manages the day to day operations. The Dunham Group has been involved in building their various websites across Canada and has been involved in building their online database which allows for easy and automated sign up and scheduling of an officiant for your wedding.

Casey, Kathleen and their team have offered an incredible service across this country and hence have built a terrific business. The Dunham Group has been privileged to be part of this development which will only grow bigger as the days go on!

Click here to visit the All Seasons Weddings website

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