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The photo shoot

We had a photo shoot for a client at our house recently. What could have been a very stressful event was made a happy adventure by a few simple things.

One of our clients needed some photography for the new website we’re creating. The available stock photography didn’t suit our purposes, so after some brainstorming we arranged a photo shoot and offered our own house as the location (this worked well as the client was a home care company).

We contacted Tom Vogel who has done some great work for other Dunham Group clients and who happened to be available on short notice. We asked friends and family to be models, and to our surprise, they all said ‘yes’!

The client provided some resource staff and the uniforms. The day came and I was a mess worrying that people would get grumpy and the day would be an unorganized mess with no product to show for it

In fact, the opposite was true. The resource staff was extremely helpful. Tom was wonderful at making people feel at ease and got some really good shots. The models were all patient and cooperative. And no one could be grumpy after one of my mother’s shortbread cookies! Altogether we made one heck of a team.

So thanks to Tom, Irene, Celia, Martin, Tessa, Maria, Emma, Ben, Harold, Mary and Dolores for your teamwork and your generosity of spirit. You each made the shoot a great success, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

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