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Spam… Why Me?

One of the most common questions I receive is 'Why do I receive so much spam and how can I prevent it?'

One of the most common questions I receive is “Why do I receive so much spam and how can I prevent it?” Spam is an unfortunate exploitation of a technology (email) and an inconvenient waste of time. What many don’t realize is that spam causes people much more damage beyond the frustration of sorting through your inbox; it also costs companies millions of dollars yearly in lost productivity.

So back to the original question: Why do I get so much spam?

Often spam ends up in your inbox due to your own actions. Your email address is worth money to a spammer. Believe it or not people do click on spam emails offering the next best diet pill, a great stock tip, or some great discount travel. Each of these emails is simply a scam to verify your email address exists and reaches a person. You just sprung the trap. Now that the spammer has verified your email address they can start sending you dozens, hundreds, thousands of unsolicited advertisements.

If that isn’t enough, they even take their list of confirmed email addresses and sell them to other spammers looking to do the exact same thing.

So to that end, here are my top 5 ways to avoid receiving spam

  • Do not submit your email address on websites you don’t trust.
  • Never click on a spam email that arrives in your inbox.
  • Never publish your email on your personal or company website.
  • Enable the spam filters within Outlook or your email program if available.
  • Install an antivirus application on your computer. The first thing that viruses often do is attack your email program and contacts. Your contacts can be harvested for future use.

The Dunham Group does provide spam and antivirus protection services. If you have any questions please contact Jeremy McMater at 905-628-6010 (ext 106).

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