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Six Months Later…

So, we think these are exciting times for the Dunham Group Inc; new building, new offices, new technology, new staff, and the ongoing development of our skills to both meet and lead the demands of an ever-changing market.

Our company, The Dunham Group Inc, was re-grouped in a new facility six months ago. It’s our half-year anniversary.

On every anniversary it’s important to look back and look forward. Looking back is important, in order to see the direction that the company has taken so that looking forward makes sense and is built on some kind of foundation.

Our six months at 862 Main Street East in Hamilton, has been very exciting to say the least. The building that we bought was mostly derelict and we’ve had the opportunity through the assistance of our Architect Paul Bolland, our Contractor Steve Hartwell and our HVAC Contractor, Les Grabiec of Burloak Heating and Air to make this into a building that is aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable and functional , with lots of parking!

Our staff has adjusted well to the building and grown. We’ve added Graphic Designer Veronica Windus to our team It’s our hope that in the near future we will be adding an additional programmer and an additional IT person who will assist Jeremy in the IT part of our business.

The building is well secured (obviously to protect our assets) with lots of cameras and security precautions, but all of our team has access to the building at any time. Although the building belongs to the Dunham Group Inc., it belongs to all of us who are part of that company. We used to work out of a well-lit basement area (albeit very large), but there is something about working on main floor vs. a basement. The attitudes are much more positive.

We have a great board room and we can serve coffee, cappuccino, espresso or whatever our clients want. Soon we’ll be doing more renovation to the outside of the building and also renovating the main public washroom. And then who knows what will be next!

In the past six months our business has grown. Even when the economy has not looked great, our clients old and new continue to need services. We have also grown in the services we offer. That growth is largely gained in response to the needs of clients as well as by staying in touch with the futurists who continue to predict the future of the web. Most of our sites are database driven and most clients are asking for the ability to content manage their sites. Our search engine management skills grow by leaps and bounds as our staff continues to work with companies like Google to cooperate with their new directions. We are continuing to offer incredible value to our clients in the development of “cloud” software — (web driven applications). Of course we are working with a number of people in the development of mobile sites. Jeremy stays in touch with the latest in technology and continues to build rock solid networks for clients small and large. He also supports the ‘back-end’ of everything that the rest of the staff builds for the web.

So, we think these are exciting times for the Dunham Group Inc; new building, new offices, new technology, new staff, and the ongoing development of our skills to both lead and meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

Looking for new web development? Give us a call and visit our new offices. We think you’ll agree that we’re the folks to help you.

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