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Share This – Connect to friends and neighbours in the real world

PeopleSharing is a new website based on sharing time, talent and possessions with people in your own community.

PeopleSharing website

Have you ever gone to your neighbour and borrowed a cup of sugar?

Most of us have heard of those days, or remember them. And it would seem that in the world of the Internet, those days are further and further away.

PeopleSharing wants to change all that. Their new website – is using the Internet to build neighbourhoods in a new way, based on sharing.

It’s a simple, compelling premise:

  • Connect to friends and neighbours in the real world.
  • Share time, talent and possessions with folks seeking low-cost or free services, tools, leisure, lodging and more.
  • Seek out low-cost or free goods, quality services and satisfying relationships with neighbours and their friends at home and abroad.
  • Host a profile page that showcases another side of you to registered folks seeking skills, goods, space and kinship.

It’s about time. It’s about you. It’s about all of us. And it’s free to register.

Check it out, and if you want to make your own world a better place, try sharing – PeopleSharing.

Hi John Two comments; Mary Anne and I recently moved into a small "townhouse community" on the West Mountain and are in close association with 24 neighbours. Already we have made more connections and friends than in our last house where we lived for 40 years! We share tools, compare hydro bills and now are planning a holiday with a group of us going on a once in a life time cruise. We have really benefited from the change in location and meeting new friends! Secondly, I want to mention "Freecycle", a local web based service where anyone can offer to give away good but no longer needed items. You can also put in a request for a particular item that you need. For those of us who hoard rather than throw away, it's a very good option. Thirdly (I'm on a roll!), the "Resource Thrift Store" on Upper Gage was a place we donated many items as we were purging getting ready to move. They use the proceeds from sales to fund their church programs. Not our church, but that doesn't matter to us, good people doing good work for our community! "Over and out!".

Hi Mark, At the Dunham Web, we believe in connecting people through design and technology. So we are always excited about products and services that help us to further our goal. Thank you for your comment and the suggestions for "Freecycle" and "resource Thrift store" as ways broaden the sharing community.

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