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Old technology, new scam

Con artists identifying themselves as Microsoft employees are exploiting the less computer savvy public. Don't become a victim!

Just when you thought the telemarketers were finally getting the point, BAM your phone rings right at dinner. It’s not a sales person looking to sell you a new gadget or a miracle pill it is Microsoft calling to inform you that you have a virus. WHAT?? A VIRUES! NOT A VIRUS!

You know… the slowness and the error messages. For just $49.95 Microsoft can make all of your problems go away. Just run and grab your credit card. Wait just a second… You have the latest virus scanner on the market and haven’t noticed anything going wrong with your computer. This seems really fishy….

Sadly, you are being scammed.

My mother was recently called by someone with this exact story. Her response was quick and to the point “my son works in IT and takes care of my computer and I will call him”. She immediately hung up the phone and called me. She had this way out but sadly many others will not.

I told her to provide me the call display number and let her know to hang up on anyone who calls back with a similar story. Upon calling the number back I received no answer. This was obviously just a relay number being used so they can avoid easy detection.

I have since received 3 more calls from clients and family indicating they have received similar calls. None of them fell for the scam but others will.

So, if someone calls from Microsoft and tells you that you have a computer virus hang up! Save yourself the trouble.

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