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News for August 2013

Here's some news for the month of August about The Dunham Group and about some members of our team.

First of all, we want to extend our sympathy to Jeremy McMaster. Jeremy’s mother passed away on July 29th after a very brief illness. Jeremy will be back in the office next Tuesday.

The holiday weekend is here almost. Our offices will be closed from Friday at noon until Tuesday August 6th at 9 am. I hardly want to mention it, but we will also be closed for Labour Day Weekend – basically the same schedule.

As everyone knows Viruses are not limited to our individual computers, but they have ability to attack and shut down immense networks. Networks such as CNN, Microsoft and most recently the Apple Developer Network have been taken down by one virus or another. Apple is particularly noteworthy, since they have always been seen as virtually immune to virus attacks.

In recent weeks the Apache Server that hosted many of our website was also attacked. Spending days, nights and weekends, our staff was able to circumvent any potential damage that the virus could have done to our clients or their clients. All of our sites are safe and secure for now. However, just like Microsoft and Apple, we just don’t know who will attack in the future or how or when they will attack. We are continuing to work proactively to stay ahead of the criminals who seem to take delight in hampering or destroying our businesses.

Our team has been joined by a new programmer Rob Little. Rob is an excellent PHP programmer! We are very happy to have him on board.

We have also had the services of Brooke Hamilton over the summer. Brooke is the scribe in the Rotary Club (Hamilton AM) to which John belongs. She has been working principally with the Diocese on Niagara for her summer job. At times she also works with us doing both web development and administrative work. Brooke will be attending McMaster University in the fall. She is a very talented employee and having her around the office has been very helpful, as it has been at the offices of the Diocese of Niagara.

Craig Mathers has done a number of security-automation installs now. The equipment and programming is very “slick”. It’s amazing to see the functions in offices or homes that live and breathe on their own as a result of the kind of automation that Criag deals with. The security is as high-end as it comes and leaves the client very confident about the safety of their property while absent. Our security and automation partner is Honeywell. We feel that if they can make the controls for the 787 that takes you to Europe, they can probably secure and automate our buildings very well.

John Janisse and Chris Grabiec will be away for one week this summer – August 19th to the 23rd . Everything we do will be covered by our very competent office staff during that week. It will be business as usual.

Next month we’ll have more news surrounding other members of our team as well as news about new developments in our buisness. Stay tuned!

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