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New year, new web site

I love the beginning of a new year. It’s a special, almost magical, time of new beginnings. As the old year comes to an end I always take some time to think about life and what I want it to look like at this time a year in the future. I don’t consider it ‘making resolutions’; I think of it rather as setting a course, or fixing a vision for my life one year from now, and then beginning to ‘be the change I want to see’.

For years now, Chris and I invite close friends and family to celebrate the New Year. As part of the celebration we write ‘predictions’ of what will happen to us in the next year. They may be personal, they may be work related, they may be about other people. The predictions are then sealed and kept for the next New Year’s gathering, where they are shared amongst laughter and sometimes tears.

What better time then, than the beginning of a new year, for us to launch our new web site! It sets The Dunham Group on a new course, presents a new vision of who we are and where we are going. I love the different colours of the site. They’re bright, clear and fresh. I’ve liked it ever since Kayn showed me the design he was working on some time ago. (Kayn himself thinks that the colours need some tweaking, so you’ll likely see some changes in the next weeks.) I like that we took the opportunity to clean up the text and talk about our services in a new context.

I really like that we can showcase some of the work we’ve done for clients. It’s a wonderful thing when a client trusts our vision of what is possible for them, and lets us make that vision a reality. You can read about them in the portfolio section of the site, and especially in the case studies area. While all of our clients are important to us, these specific projects are milestones on our journey as a company.

So now I’ll make a prediction for our our website. By the end of 2008 we’ll have ten new items added to our portfolio and case studies areas.

Ten?! I’d better get to work!

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