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New website: Gulf Canada

Gulf Canada Website Design

If you’re of a ‘certain’ age, you’ll remember Gulf gas stations. In the mid-1980s they were converted to Petro-Canada stations and for over 20 years the Gulf brand was not to be found in Canada.

Now Gulf is coming back, and The Dunham Group has designed a quick introductory website, inviting independent gas station owners to consider switching to this global leader. Welcome back, Gulf!

Visit the new Gulf Canada website

Saw a new Gulf gas station being built in Oliver, BC. Can't even remember how long it is has been since last saw that logo. Nice to see it again.

I was 16 just got my drivers license and drive up to my very own gulf in Victoria bc. Soon after the employees started showing up in red with petroleum Canada shirt. Saddest day ever. I would love to welcome back gulf oil Canada back

Nice to see it back i collect of Gulf vintage products and a great fan of its race teams

Glad to see the Gulf brand is coming back to Canada. I was only 14 years old when Petro Canada took over all the Gulf stations back in the mid 1980's, and it made me mad. As a kid I always thought the Gulf logo looked cool. Hope it's coming out west here to farm country. One of our old fuel tanks still has the Gulf logo on it from about the late 1960s or early 1970s.

I used to love the Gulf racing colours when I was a kid. I think it's great the brand is back. I live in Port Colborne which I believe is the first Gulf station with the new comeback

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