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Network Security: Outside looking in

The fundamentals of network security remain the same. Firewalls, antivirus, backups, policies and procedures all play an important role in securing your digital assets.

The biggest challenge we face as IT professionals is the unknown. The public wifi networks, cyber cafe’s, your son or daughter using your company laptop to download the latest pirated movie or software. These are all considered “unknown threats” to corporate security.

Here are some tips to keep your information safe.

Educate your staff

Providing basic security training can help your staff understand the risks. The key is to put it in terms they will understand. Don’t throw a bunch of technical jargon at them and hope it takes, it won’t. Explain security in a friendly, non threatening way

Do not use public computers (or anyone elses for that matter)

If you use public terminals you are taking a serious risk. A key logger can grab everything you type and could seriously compromise security. The bottom line is don’t use a computer you have no control over.

Do not use public WiFi to transmit or receive sensitve information

If you find a network that doesn’t require a login this means it is running unsecured. All of the data you transmit and receive can be seen by others on the same network. If you are just surfing the latest news, weather, sports this isn’t a concern. If you are checking business email you may be letting others in on some really confidential material. Be very careful.

Use VPN when available

If you have access to a VPN use it! This will ensure that all of your traffic is encrypted between your office and your computer. This is the best way to limit potential security threats.

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