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Malware: Coming to a Mac near you!

For all of the dedicated Mac users out there that thought they were immune to viruses and malware it has been a really tough month. For the last couple months malware authors have switched their focus to the Mac platform simply because it is now popular enough to make it worthwhile.

Mac now has 15% computing market share and thus they have become a much moreattractive target for the malware authors. The goal of most of these schemes is really quite simply. Malware programmers for the most part are looking for defraud the unsuspecting user of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, most Mac users remain unprotected with limited or no antivirus and antimalware protection. Why you ask? It just wasn’t a concern prior. Why spend time and money on software when there isn’t much of a threat? Windows users have become accustomed to running virus and malware protection software on their computer as the threat has been constant. So if you are running a Mac and haven’t yet installed antivirus and antimalware protection, now is the time! Get protected before your computer comes to a crashing halt.

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