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Layoffs: Is it really over?

Employee turnover has always been a concern for both HR and IT. With the economy continuing to falter and employee layoffs ramping up, many firms have not considered the IT security repercussions related to disgruntled ex-employees. When an employee is laid off it is extremely vital that your firm has a procedure in place to ensure that the security and integrity of your data is protected. Not every employee is going to leave with a positive outlook and your company must protect itself. Things to be considered include:

  • Immediately restrict access to all digital assets
  • Disable network login credentials
  • Disable VPN access
  • Disable email access
  • Disable phone access and remove/forward old extension

If you don’t address some of these vital areas you put your business at serious risk of data loss which could have catastrophic results. Every company must ensure that they protect their business from a vengeful employee. There is no other choice.

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