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Job posting: Programmer/Web Developer

The Dunham Group is looking for a talented software/web developer to develop the back end of websites and perhaps some light server management. We’ve got a very talented staff of 7 (and growing), who provide web design and development as well as IT services. Being on the ‘smaller’ side, team members get to work on existing sites as well as new projects. You would be working primarily (90%) in the development area. We work with a strong team mentality. Our methodology is a modified SCRUM using Agile principles. We don’t have bosses – we only have a team. We’ve built some very interesting web-based programs and applications. If you’re up to it, you’re smart, you’re industrious and you believe in and exercise your talents and acquired abilities you might just like this team very much.

The characteristics and behaviours we’re looking for: A creative problem solving approach; Love of learning/continuous self-improvement; Good English communication skills; The ability to switch tasks quickly (some firefighting required).

In terms of skills we’re looking for: HTML, Javascript; Angular and jQuery; MySQL; Drupal; Object-oriented PHP frameworks like Symfony; Git; LAMP Stack Development; REST, CRUD, XML, JSON and whatever else you can bring to the table. ASP and Linux webserver management are welcome assets.

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