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FirstAED: Making Communities Safer

FirstAED is a program that combines volunteer first responders and 911 operators, to get to cardiac arrest victims sooner.

Snapshot of FirstAED Website

Wouldn’t it be great if cellphones could save lives?

With FirstAED, they can!

FirstAED is a program that uses mobile devices to connect volunteer first responders. So, when a cardiac arrest is called in, nearby community responders who are trained and vetted get notified via the app. From there, an automatic framework is in place to ensure the patient has the best chance at survival.


FirstAED tells responders the location of the nearest public AED and the person having the cardiac arrest and gives them roles. As a team, they can help someone in distress long before Emergency Response units can. And with a cardiac arrest, minutes save lives!

Dunham Web is proud to be a partner with AED4Life and hopes that FirstAED USA will be adopted throughout the United States so more lives can be saved.

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