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Computer vs Dust – The epic battle!

One of the biggest reasons why computers go the way of the dinosaur is related to their maintenance. Here are some trips and tricks to keep your computer out of the dump.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…. oh wait, did I say Maintenance?

Click… fans spin up… monitor turns on… ERROR.

Sadly, this sort of result happens quite often due not maintaining your computer. The good news is, maintaining your computer can be low cost, require little effort and the best part is completed by you! Here are a few tips to keep your computer running at tip top performance.

1. Keep it clean

Computers have fans that draw in air to keep your computer cool. It amazes many that computers generate temperatures that often exceed 90 degree Fahrenheit. The good news is that computers are built to withstand those high temperatures. The bad news is if dirt and grime get into your computer and damage or disable those fans, you’re toast.

For under $10 you can purchase a can of compressed air from Costco or your local computer retailer. Simply open the case (2 screws in most cases) and blow the compressed air throughout the computer in well-ventilated area. Sit back in amazement as the dust bunnies fly! Make sure you really get the fans as that is where a lot of buildup starts.

2. Good ventilation

Computer don’t like heat. So when choosing the location for your tower make sure that the area has good ventilation. Under the desk is fine but that could lead to increased dirt and I won’t even discuss what happens if you have a flood. On the desk in an open space is always the best idea. Absolutely do not put the computer in an enclosed cabinet. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

3. Hot days and dead computers

Thankfully, many of us have central air conditioning to save us during the summer months. For those who don’t or choose not to run their air conditioning shut down your computer when it is not in use. If the air around the computer is 100 degrees Fahrenheit then the fans aren’t cooling anything. Keep your computer off when the air around the computer is hot.

Follow these 3 tips and you will save you and your computer a lot of trouble.

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