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Boston Bombings

The Boston bombings have done nothing but bring sadness into the hearts of virtually every North American.

No one is sure about the who, why, where, or what yet, but what we know is that no matter what the reason, it was just plain wrong. Young athletes and runners have lost their limbs (and in some cases their lives), a society is distraught, and many people live in fear because of the acts of one or more disturbed people. We know that there are acts of injustice in the world, and that maybe some of them are a result of the actions of a very selfish North American or Western Society. We also know that Western Society is not the only society guilty of transgressions against justice and equality. However, that does not provide a reason for the destruction of the lives of innocent people.

At TDG, we want the world to know that we believe in a just society where all (no matter what race, creed or sexual orientation) have a right to live in equality and freedom. There are many people with whom we have little in common, but we still wish them every happiness and freedom that is possible. We decry every act of violence that is perpetrated against other human beings or institutions.

To the good people of Boston and all of their visitors, we send out our sympathy, our love and our pledge of support in this horrible time. To those who created this act of horror, we side with the President and people of the United States and hope that you are quickly found and brought to justice. Enough is enough is enough! The world about which we dream is one where all people can embrace each other positively and where violence against one another no longer exists.

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