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Website Tracking & Statistics

We use a combination of Google Analytics and event tracking to measure how people and search engines interact with your website. This allows you to make decisions that will help your business succeed online.

Understand Your Customers

If you’re serious about your website, then you want to have defined goals that can be measured. We appreciate the investment that our clients make in their online presence, so we make sure they can measure the site’s success. What we measure will be different for every site: for some it might be visitors, for others it might be members, still others might be volume of sales.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a state-of-the-art website tracking and analysis tool that is run by the largest search engine in the world (billions of searches per day). Code that is inserted into pages of a website is tracked by Google and is used to create reports. These reports contain a wealth of information that is indispensable to a website owner.

What can we track?

We can track how many people visit your site, or particular pages. We can tell how long they stay, and when they leave. In other words, we can tell what’s working and what’s not. We can also tell where they’re coming from and even what time of day. This helps to paint a profile of your visitors that you can use to improve your marketing.

Other kinds of tracking

Google Analytics are essential, but they don’t always paint the whole picture. We use heat maps and session tracking to help us see just where people are going and what they’re doing on the pages of your site. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn!

Adjustments to meet goals

With proper measurements you can determine what needs to change in order to meet the goals of your site. It might be the content itself; it might be some elements of the design or the architecture of the site. We have the creativity and the experience to find the perfect solution – improving any website’s performance.

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