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Hamilton's SEO Specialists

A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy will help your website rank higher on search engines and generate more traffic.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process a website undergoes during initial development or redevelopment to more effectively communicate your keywords to search engines. A properly optimized website ranks higher on search engines than a site that is not properly optimized.

SEO is Not Simply Keyword Magic

In addition to keyword-rich content, search engines take into account page titles, descriptions, inbound links, site popularity and the underlying code when ranking one site higher than another. Our search engine specialists stay up-to-date with constant industry changes. It’s a little more complicated than magic.

Can’t Find Your Website on Google?

You’re not alone. There are lots of sites out there that don’t rank very well with search engines. And there’s no magic bullet that can propel you from the bottom of page 3 to the top of page 1. It takes time and some smart changes to your site.

We Know How Search Engines Work

We know how search engines like Google and Bing work and share that knowledge with our clients to achieve the highest ranking possible. We’ve got lots of stories, and we’d be glad to share them with you.

Local Business Search

Did you know that one of every ten internet searches – and one in five searches on mobile phones – are made by people looking for a service in their community? If you’re a florist, dentist, restaurant accountant or any other profession where most of your clients are in a specific community, then you need a local business page. A Google MyBusiness page is a combination of search and social; people can leave reviews, and you can add searchable content that will bring more people to your door. Call us today to have us set up your page, and grow your business.

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